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A New Freedom of Internet Security DIMA Emperor

Collaborate And Contribute to Stop Cyber Attacks

Alerting Today for a Better Tomorrow - DIMA Business Solutions

A Single Solution To Cover All Of Your Online Security Needs, On All Of Your Devices.

INTERNET SECURITY is Important for you, But a Responsibility for us

Shield Your DNS Infrastructure From Cyber Attacks With DIMA Warrior

Advanced Internet Security Services and Solutions - DIMA Business Solutions

Collaborate And Contribute to Stop Cyber Attacks

Worried about
Internet Security? We got you covered.

We at team DIMA have crafted an Advanced Network Security Product - DIMA Emperor

DIMA Emperor is an expert Designed/Created Application Programming Interface (API) that feeds the Threat Intelligence to all the Network Components [DNS Server, Firewall, Proxy, VPN, Antivirus and browser security] stopping you form Cyber threats/attacks.

Why choose DIMA Emperor?

  1. First threat Intelligence Product in India.
  2. Uses Prediction technology with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  3. A cloud based software
  4. One point solution for all Network Security problems.


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Network security is our main concern.

Presenting our best products of all time, for your Network prevention and protection.

Browser Security

Web browsers are the most targeted applications by hackers. Enhanced browser security, therefore, becomes vital. Try our Browser security Add-ons.

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Proxy Server

We protect your IP Address from the hackers. Your IP addresses are highly sensitive and a great potential for a hacker to access all your sensitive data. Try DIMA Proxy servers and experience the best proxy server security.   Buy Now

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DNS Security

Protect all your information in the Domain Name System (DNS). Avoid all unnecessary attacks. DIMA DNS Security does it better than any other security does.   Buy Now

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DIMA Antivirus

At least 350,000 new malicious attacks occur every day. Think you can escape the hunt? The Answer can be yes with DIMA Antivirus.

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Using VPN is a must if you don’t want to leak out what you’re surfing. DIMA VPN secures all your data in a way that when someone tries to get their hands on your data, it would be useless. DIMA VPN gives a complete end-to-end security to your server.

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DIMA Firewall

Emperor API can be used as UTM to Open Source Firewalls like PFsense and VYOS.

What do you gain from us?

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Tamil - "The Rise of DIMA EMPEROR"