Protection Against Stealth Attacks

Stealth attacks are hard to detect. DIMA protects you against such attacks with its powerful threat intelligence.

Provide Real Time Data Feed

Watch the threats attacking your network being detected in real time. Every threat detected and prevented are stored as logs.

24/7 Cyber Security Support

Get support from technical team anytime round the clock. Our Team member will respond back to you within 8 - 12 Hours.

All Kinds Cyber-Threat Alerts

Get alerts to any kind of cyber-threat that is trying to sneak into you network, no matter if it is a New Threat or an Unknown Threat.

Improve DNS Responsiveness

Have extra control over the DNS activities. Your DNS queries and responses are more important when it comes to security.

Proactively Prevent New Attacks

Stopping an Unknown attack is the most complicated process in cybersecurity and Do it with ease with DIMA's Prediction Intelligence.

Defend DDoS Attacks And Mitigation

Avoid being flooded with unnecessary internet traffic to your network. Get proper relevant internet traffic to your servers.

Block DNS Based Malware Activity

Every threat based on DNS can be blocked at the DNS level itself. This possible through having your own DNS working for you.



The Threat intelligence uses prediction technology with the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is the first in India to have to ability to Predict a completely unknown cyber-attack from striking your network.



    The data from Images, Texts, Links, Sub-links, file hashes of your entire browsing page is completely scanned for any malicious files.


    The Threat Intelligence scans every URL that enters your network and instantly predicts the globally suspicious ones.


    The domain entered on your browser will be scanned completely for suspicious pages, texts, images, ads, or any other malicious codes before loading.


The Prediction technology API that can integrate with all other network security components.
It is possible to prevent your network from an already occurred attack. But, To predict and prevent your network from a completely new attack is a challenge.
The Threat Intelligence API is capable enough to predict such types of attacks anywhere in the world and prevent your network.
The API powered along with Artificial Intelligence acts as the brain to the Integrated network layer component directing it with good and bad responses from its database. This allows every URLs, Domains, IP Addresses, Downloadable files, and file hashes to be scanned from top-to-bottom before loading on your browser page.
The malicious links or files detected are blacklisted instantly and blocked from entering your network.


DIMA Antivirus is cloud-based antivirus software that is integrated with our threat intelligence API. Once the DIMA AV is installed, the AV gets accessed by our API and is ready to defend.

DIMA analyses all the hash values present in your PC and shares them with our threat intelligence API for the responses. The Intelligence API analyses it for bad malicious files and sends them back as bad responses(If any malicious files are found).

This API instantly commands the DIMA AV to quarantine the malicious files in the DIMA Vault. The users are given access to the DIMA Vault and are allowed to make their decision with the quarantined malicious file.

DIMA Antivirus will be automatically updated and you will never need to worry about getting the latest version of our software.

Note: DIMA Antivirus deals only with Hard disk scans and not with the host firewalls.


Present as Chrome and Firefox browser extensions

DIMA Browser Security Extensions are Integrated with our Threat Intelligence API

The DIMA Browser security extensions installed in your browsers (Chrome or Firefox) will use the DIMA API as the core to analyze the hidden malicious file and deny them from being downloaded or displayed on your PC.

In case the file gets downloaded to your PC, the DIMA AV comes into action to detect and defend the malicious files that escaped from browser security extensions.

Note: The Browser Security extensions are capable enough to detect any malicious files or URLs which means no malicious files can escape the hunt.

The Browser Security Extensions are also tagged with DIMA Antivirus which is an extra layer of protection.

Keep your browser safe and secure with DIMA Browser Security Extensions.

Buy DIMA Antivirus and Get our Browser Security Extensions for free.

Buy the combo pack.


DIMA Proxy is not just another monitoring tool that you think. DIMA Proxy uses a powerful SSL decryption technology that can decrypt the SSL secured sites which the traditional proxy servers cannot do.

DIMA Proxy blocker is capable of blocking Domains, URLs, Keywords, and file extensions. You can Add/Remove Domains, URLs, Keywords, and file extensions according to your internet access policy. You can also download the database of existing Domains, URLs, Keywords, and file extensions to check what is already blocked and plan on what needs to be blocked/unblocked.

DIMA Proxy has the capability of a complete firewall. DIMA Proxy is integrated with our Threat Intelligence API which frequently communicates with the integrated proxy server decrypting the hash values.

The web traffic entering your network will be scanned in real-time by Threat Intelligence powered DIMA Proxy.

Escape the cyberattack with our most advanced DIMA Proxy.


You don’t have enough control over DNS and that becomes one of the main reasons to be attacked by malware or ransomware. 

90% of the IT firms are connected to a third-party DNS and have no control over the DNS. This becomes a major vulnerability factor for the entire IT infrastructure to be hacked. The third-party DNS connection becomes the channel for the hacker to hack your entire Data, even though you have a Firewall, Proxy server, VPN, or Domain controller/active directory installed in your IT infrastructure. A malicious code can enter your network through this third-party DNS amongst all other Network security components which then can cause a huge cyberattack. 

This is why you need DNS Security of your own.

Our cloud-hosted DNS server provides full access to the user and can be programmed according to their needs.

DIMA DNS is designed in such a way that it can perform the work of a Firewall as well. This gives another layer of network security to your infrastructure.


A virtual tunnel where the significant data of your company and your employees flowing through will be highly secure when using DIMA VPN. No hackers can enter the encrypted tunnel including us and thus you benefit from a high level of privacy.

DIMA VPN gives you the privacy you need while you’re surfing through the internet. 

DIMA VPN uses OpenVPN as the core and Integrates its DNS firewall. The combination of VPN and Firewall gives you high privacy and also high security. 

DIMA VPN and DIMA DNS are tagged to our threat intelligence API. This makes the DNS and VPN respond more effectively against the cyberthreats.  

With DIMA DNS and DIMA VPN, You will never have to worry about cyber criminals or any other malicious files entering your Network. When you connect through DIMA VPN, you will connect only through DIMA DNS.

DIMA guarantees security and privacy altogether in a combo pack.



Any Network Security Layer Component can be integrated to the Threat Intelligence API. The API collects the logs from the network security layer components and scans them for suspicious malware files and feeds them back with good or bad responses accordingly.


File hashes are completely analysed from the Antivirus software installed in your PC.

Browser Security

Url, Domain names, IP addresses are completely analysed from your chrome and firefox Browser.

Proxy Server

Keywords, file extensions, SSL, URL, Domain names, IP Addresses are analysed from Proxy servers.


URL, Domain Names, IP Addresses, File hashes are completely analysed from the Firewall.

Layer-3 Switch

IP Address are completely analysed from layer-3 Switch


Domains and IP Addresses are completely analysed from the DNS


The user will be routed through DIMA DNS rather than third-party DNS.


The Threat Intelligence can be integrated according to the client's network need.


The Threat Intelligence is listed in an open-source platform for the public for free. Any company can take our threat intelligence API and License it as their own


We not only secure your network, but We also provide complete Remote Infrastructure Management Services

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  • Virtualization Support
  • Technical Support
  • Server Management
  • Application development
  • Cloud Infra Management
  • Data Center Support
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