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Effective Anti Malware Strategies


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  • CovidLock Ransomware
  • Malware is after you(r data)
  • Effective Anti Malware Strategies
  • Be Proactive. Safeguard your data.

                       For many, the year 2020 has taught useful lessons. Especially personal hygiene, social distancing, face masks, hand wash, and so on were the buzz words till now and continue to reign in the vocabulary of most individuals.

CovidLock Ransomware

Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic related terms, surprisingly, there was one more term which threatened many. ‘CovidLock’ was making waves online. When people wanted to know more about COVID 19, they checked online and cyber criminals launched this ransomware  CovidLock to lure victims into their trap.

Malware is after you(r data)

This malware-laden application changes all data on its android device once installed. Unless the victim pays the ransom, they cannot access data on their mobile.  The threat of malware is widespread and many fall prey to cyber criminals unknowingly.

Effective Anti Malware Strategies

Here are some of the useful anti malware strategies, which will help you to address this menace.

  • Use better password techniques.
    No more ‘123456’ or ‘qwerty,’ which can be easily cracked by hackers.
  • Update regularly.
    Don’t ignore security patches and updates.
  • Avoid deceptive links.
    Doubly ensure before clicking and connecting online. E-mails and downloads are the popular traps cyber criminals often use.
  • Certified sites are safe.
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a type of digital certificate that ensures authentication for a website. Go for it.

Above all, a DNS firewall will provide you secure, safe and hassle-free solution to effectively tackle malwares.

Be Proactive. Safeguard your data.

 ACT TODAY before you lose money, time and resources.

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