5 Lessons Learned from Failed Link Building Campaigns

Have you ever gone through any failures in link building for your business? No worries.  No business can say that their every link building campaign was successful, if they say so, trust me they are lying to you.

Want to get more knowledge on link building campaigns? Get ready, In this article we bought you the 5 lessons to learn from failed link building campaigns.

Links are one of the needful metrics to track because without links your campaign is evidently failing. The promising goals of link building are to grow a website’s reach, network, and visibility.

To help you get back on track and make sure your next campaign executes in a better way, here are a few things you should avoid in your link building campaigns.

—> Stop using incorrect anchor text

If you’re an Internet marketer, the most important thing is, you must know the power of “anchor text” in search engine optimization. Although this is a commonly-used phrase, many marketers are yet to discover what it really means after so many updates like Google’s Penguin and Hummingbird. Anchor texts are a crucial part of SEO link building strategies and greatly impact your search engine ranking.

Using anchor text is one of the vital factors you need to gather when building links. If you use it correctly, you’ll witness your rank climbing higher on a regular basis. If you use it without any knowledge, you might notice your organic search traffic disappearing overnight. There are few anchor text such as – Click Here, Visit and Go to, are barely useless. If your targeted keyword was used as anchor text instead of your site name, then, it will help you rank better for that keyword.

 —> It’s tough to build links with videos

Video content is the most effective way for viral sharing and brand awareness. But are videos great for earning links? Not so much. You may assume videos can attract a ton of back link when you remain of viral content. But the problem is publishers hardly give suitable ascription to videos. Instead of linking to the video’s maker, it is better to embed the video from YouTube or link to YouTube. Of course, you can reach out to anyone who embeds your video without linking but it is a waste of time-consuming step in the process of video creation and advertising.

 —> Links from bad reputation sites are not good enough

Remember, most of the blogger just go for backlink count, they do not pinpoint if the targeted websites are quality websites or bad reputation websites. Search engines doesn’t like some sites such as gambling sites, illegal sites, and spam blog site. These sites are usually de-indexed by Search Engines due to the demolition of rules or due to burglary of Copyrighted material. You can surely get backlinks from these sites but it is not worthy. And, it may cause de-indexing your website as well. So, before getting linked to any other websites, you should consider the credibility of that website.

—> Don’t misuse Social Media

Social Media is a great way to connect with others and share news, informative articles, tools and services.

Connecting your message to the right target audience by using social media can help you increase your website’s traffic. If your website/blog offers quality content, more people will learn about it and the chances of getting more backlinks will automatically increase.

However, don’t fall for the hoax and believe that the backlinks from social media can be measured quality links. Almost all the popular social networking websites “no follow” the external links and so no PR juice flows through them. 

—> Use paid opportunity

Promoting your content via paid distribution is a great technique to get enough people engaged and earn links. It should be used for all types of content such as blogs, white papers, press release, infographics etc.

Your time is precious and valuable, so paid opportunities offer a wonderful value when you think of the time saved.

Link Building is a very firm yet effective way to have good rankings in top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When you are working on a campaign to improve search engine visibility by link building, it’s a better idea to create a list of your target significant sites.

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