LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads that come from Social Media worldwide. Wondering how?

That’s a big number I must admit.

On the other hand, it also means that if you want to acquire B2B leads and customers, Linkedin can be a huge opportunity.

But, never forget that they will not come to you by themselves.

To generate more leads and customers on LinkedIn, you will need to maintain a regular presence by posting different types of LinkedIn content.

In other words, you need to be at the top of the mind of your connections and potential customers.

Fortunately, we picked up the best and proven LinkedIn content ideas for you that performed the best for us and other LinkedIn users the last couple of years.

But that’s not all!

For some LinkedIn content ideas, we even created a set of templates so you can start using them right away after reading this article 🙂

Let’s dive deep into the 5 best LinkedIn content ideas that will bring you more customers and make you influential in your market.


Kickstart your LinkedIn engagement with original long-form content


The original and best idea about the personal long-form content comes from Josh Fechter – one of the pioneers of Growth Hacking in general.

After some time, he became so viral on LinkedIn, and he had a better reach and engagement that no one can reach him. 

Original and long-form content is still popular on LinkedIn, and it can still bring you more views, better engagement and more customers – The most Important one.


Heartbreaking/choking beginning – Always start your LinkedIn posts with something intriguing – it makes people wow and forces them to click on “read more” and to continue with reading.

 Make it mobile-friendly – Don’t write in long sentences and long paragraphs. The vast majority of LinkedIn visits comes from mobile, so you should optimize your content for it. Short sentences in one paragraph are great for both attention and mobile optimization.

Use emojis (but don’t overdo it) – Emojis are great for showing emotions, storytelling and unleashing the empathy in your LinkedIn content. But remember – too many emojis can be annoying and deadly. To use emojis on LinkedIn, you can copy/paste them from Get-Emoji.

Bold End – Always finish your LinkedIn post with some bold or inspirational ending – after reading the entire post, it will make your readers engage with your content and you will get a better reach.

Increase the influence by educating your target audience

Educating your target audience can be a great way to build influence and acquire new clients/customers.

 How will you educate them depends on your target audience and the topics you’re speaking about – but there are some general rules you should stick to:

Be unique – not talk about the things everyone knows

Go in-depth – show the real value – don’t just scratch the surface

Be authentic – have some personal signature – it can be either the way how are you educating your target audience or some by some of your traits – like the jokes you make, intro lines, personalities, etc.

Another great way of educating your target audience is by recording your presentations and videos of you at the same time. You can do that easily by using Loom.

Share your mistakes and teach other people how to avoid them.

Everyone loves learning from other’s mistakes, right?

So why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Ilya Azostev perfectly educated his LinkedIn connections on the mistakes he made and how to avoid them:

Here’s what I really like about this post:

The intro is amazing. I mean “My LinkedIn profile sucked” really forces you to read further.

It really solves the pain problems of everyone who’s not having enough results with their LinkedIn profiles

It mentioned a couple of influential people who have great LinkedIn profiles

On top of all of that, He got 900+ likes and almost 1000 comments. Pretty amazing, right?

Everyone loves the value and when you help them for free. Remember that

 Focus on the human element

In the era of automation, AI, bots and robots, we often forget that all of us are humans.

That’s the reason why sometimes, using the human element inside your LinkedIn content can be super engaging.

Don’t forget about the memes

A lot of people would say that memes doesn’t look professional, but it’s not true.

If they’re according to your brand voice and image – they can be very powerful?

Because they can be funny, educative and yet professional in the same way.


As you can see, getting results on LinkedIn isn’t as hard as you probably imagined.

Everything you need to have is a little bit of imagination and creativity – and you’re ready to go.

Now when you know which topics to choose and how your LinkedIn Content will look like, you can see how to post on LinkedIn or how to get initial engagement on your LinkedIn posts!

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