Trying the latest things doesn’t always pay off, but Instagram has made it easier than ever to get results from their shiny new offerings. With new features and updates published so frequently, the possibilities on Instagram seem endless.

1. The countdown sticker on Instagram Stories

The Countdown sticker is accessible in your Instagram Story deck. Once you add the sticker to a Story, you can customize it and set your end date and time.

The best part of the Countdown sticker? Your followers can tap to either put a reminder and receive an alert when your countdown ends.

Wondering how your brand can utilize the Countdown sticker? Here are a few ideas:

  • Promote upcoming sales and specials
  • Grow excitement around new employees starting

2. Create a branded filter

Augmented reality is a buzzword we’re hearing a lot about lately, and your brand can stay on-trend with an Instagram branded filter. That’s right, the cute puppy filter you’ve been using on Instagram is a version of AR. According to Instagram’s closed beta program, select brands are able to create their own custom AR filters for Instagram stories. As users must be following a brand to have access to the custom filter, this is the perfect way to not only gain new followers but engage your existing community.

3. Instagram Stories Ads

More than 400 million people use Social Media Marketing every day, meaning they’re the perfect place to advertise your business.

They also saw a 77 percent higher click-through rate than ads placed elsewhere. While your Instagram Stories Ads might not feature, you can use the same tactics to get results.

  • Pay attention to top-performing organic content and redesign it for Stories Ads. 
  • Include an enticing call-to-action button. 
  • Use a variety of ad formats.

4. An Instagram-friendly business offline

When it comes to growing your business, it’s important to look for ways to incorporate offline tactics alongside your digital strategy.

Make sure you have a recognizable and relevant hashtag and encourage customers to take photos and share them on Instagram for an easy way to gather user-generated content featuring your space.

How can you create an Instagram-worthy business?

  • Add a feature wall or backdrop. 
  • Use aesthetically pleasing packaging.
  • Spruce up the exterior of your business, Set up your Instagram Nametag.

5. Set up your Instagram Nametag

If you’ve ever tried to find somebody’s Instagram account after a networking event, only to discover they’re under some random username, you’ll love Instagram’s Name Tag feature. Instagram Nametags make it easier than ever for you to find specific users and to get others to follow you. To see and customize your own Instagram Nametag, go to your profile and click on the menu. You’ll see the Name Tag option under the ‘Your Activity’ button.

From here, you can either scan a Nametag or customize your own Name Tag.

6. Alternative text descriptions

Instagram initiated automatic alternative text so users can hear photo descriptions through their screen reader. “This feature utilizes object recognition technology to produce a description of photos for screen readers so you can get a list of items that photos may contain when you browse the app.”

The second new feature is custom alternative text so users can join a more-detailed description of posts when you upload a photo.

7. Creating Close Friends lists

Sometimes you don’t need your in-laws viewing your latest Instagram Story. Or, if you’re a business, you have content that you know would be perfect for certain customers but won’t engage others. This is where your Instagram close friends list comes in handy. The Close Friends list allows you to share Instagram Stories with a specific group of people.

To create your Close Friends list on Instagram, go to the menu bar, Tap “Close Friends” and then tap “Add” next to the usernames of the people you want to add to the list. Click “Done” when you’ve finished adding users.

How can a business use a Close Friends list on Instagram?

  • Exclusive content. 
  • Influencers.
  • Localization.

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