First, let’s know why engagement is so important for a successful Facebook post. Engagement on a Facebook post happens when the post makes a sufficient impact on people that they feel compelled to respond. However, for many businesses, the uttermost goal is to have their posts shared because the content (and the business name) will reach a whole new audience and the sharing itself adds social proof, to the post. Here are the top 8 facebook post ideas that generate high engagement.

1. Start with a Story

Telling a story is one of the best Facebook post ideas because it sounds with fans. They can relate to it, especially if they have gone through something similar. You can tell stories not just about your business but about your life as well. People will always first relate and then react, that’s what you are looking for.

2. The Post What Is Trending

Posts about trending topics are actually rewarded by the news. You can find the topics that your fans or friends are likely interested in or talk about. By posting content around it, you have an opportunity to interact with your fans or friends by asking questions, responding to comments, etc.

3. Change Profile & Cover Photos

Change your profile picture and cover photo regularly. By doing this, you are able to keep your page, friends, fans and followers up-to-date. Your cover photo is the first thing your audience sees when they view your Facebook page. First impressions can make or break the public perception of your page, which is why you need to put some time and effort into your cover photo.

4. Repost Viral Photos

Posting a viral photo is the correct option if you run out of Facebook post ideas. This type of content is easy enough to find. Here are a few examples of what you can look for MEMES, FUNNY PHOTOS, QUOTES. Find a viral photo that is relevant to your business and repost it as one of the effective Facebook post ideas you can depend on for engagement.

5. Create Original Images

Posting original images helps to make your page unique and is a good addition to your Facebook post ideas. You have more options here. You can do it by yourself using various tools such as Canva, or you can go through a professional graphic designer to create images for you.

6. Offer Promotions

Sometimes a good sale or promotion is just the incentive that your audience needs to engage with your content! You can also increase the amount of “shares”  that your post gets by encouraging the users to share the sale with their friends! Promotions can be a great way to advertise your product or service 

7. Post Regularly

 How often you’ll be posting on Facebook to get more engagement? A lot! You might have known that the right frequency for posting should be about once or twice a day. Avoid that piece of advice. Some of the most successful pages on Facebook post more than a dozen times a day! So post a lot. The more times you post, the more opportunity you have for high engagement!

8. Describe your post in a creative way

 Avoid reusing inessential headlines from your blog, previous content, etc. Your posts will quickly go unnoticed if your audience is started reading the same captions more than once. To get creative with your post descriptions, you could try using a witty tone, or use a hook that leaves them wanting to read more on your blog, etc.

 Thus, generate high engagement through posting your creative thoughts on Facebook!

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