Backlink building often appears to be a critical and time-consuming process. But it’s not always as tough as it seems. A healthy backlink profile is key to your website’s search performance. Google and other search engines consider both the quantity and quality of your site’s backlinks in assessing its importance, credibility, and authority. This, in turn, influences your site’s search ranking. So building and then using SEO backlinks is crucial for SEO success.

Leverage Your Existing Network

OK, let’s move on. There are some ways you can leverage your existing network of online related businesses for links:

  • For those businesses which you already have a powerful relationship, consider simply asking them for a link.
  • For any businesses you have worked with, offer to write a testimonial in return for a link back to your site within the testimonial.

Use Your Twitter Profile

First, make sure your Twitter profile is increased for link building:

  • Go to: settings > profile and inspect to see that you have your link to the website in the and/or biofields.

Create a Company LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn business pages offer companies the opportunity to: Tell the company’s story, Mainly Highlight your products and services, Engage with the followers, Try to share career opportunities, Drive word-of-mouth at scale and Finally get a backlink to your site.

Make Use of Images for Effective link building

If you use most of your own copyrighted images on your website, there is a chance that other sites may have used them without your consent. This may be more or less of a tackle to you, depending on your vertical.

Build a Case Study

Another solid link building strategy is asking clients to feature a solid case study on one or more of the products and/or services your business offers: which have been most successful and made a genuine impact on their bottom line?

Flaunt Your Logo

Most businesses have a logo that has been professionally designed. Why not showcase yours? People are mostly interested in logos, whether they will be prospective business owners, designers or just pure logo geeks. This means there are a lot of popular sites showcasing different logos with high domain authority.

Upload Your Presentations to SlideShare

As the biggest network on the Web for sharing presentations, SlideShare offers online marketing benefits. The presence of the link may be worth less than the authentic traffic and branding potential that SlideShare could offer as part of a wider strategy.

Find Associations You’re A Member Of

If you’re a member of a business organization or professional industry association, it is likely its website carries authority and credibility. If there is a list of members, check yours to see that it has a link back to your site.

Good to note

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Internal linking. Backlink building is more important, but don’t forget about internal links. Internal linking increases your SEO results and also helps users discover more content on your site. As your backlink profile grows, it is increasingly hard to keep track of all the SEO backlinks. This is where backlink management systems could be of great help. To gain more backlink, stay tuned with us!