Learning and handling SEO is like raising a mischievous child. It will get blended in the way it is shaped. It may seem like SEO keeps changing every hour, and sometimes it does. But depending on how you implement the method, you will stay strong in the run.

Here are five major things that many of us most likely didn’t know about Search Engine Optimization:

Bad SEO is bad for business growth

Google aims at delivering quality results to the end-user, so the good and bad tactics may predominantly affect the black hat SEO users and not you. Do not overdo keyword stuff. Fill your website with quality content, do valuable backlinks and that fetches you potential traffic through good SEO. 

Incoming links aren’t good SEO always.

Incoming links boost your ranking in high volume. Mostly. But have you ever thought of the authority issue of the incoming sites? Domains and sites which aren’t related to your niche can hurt your ranking and credibility. Reciprocal link exchanges and link trading programs are much hyped on the web. But if you artificially manipulate the connections and the endorsements, it doesn’t make sense at all. The fact comes when you receive an offer through email for link building or a blogger has mentioned you for any of your works. Choose quality incoming links rather than quantity.

Content Optimization

Let’s optimize for the bots later, but people come first. Your users must find your design and content easy to use and friendly. Shift your focus from technology to usability. The content may reach out to a tech-savvy or a novice, however, your SEO must serve for both.

Be mobile-friendly

Just look around; everyone uses mobiles to learn whatever they want. More than 60 percent of the searches are done on mobile, so if your SEO isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing out the major business. The search engine brings the most optimized content first for the user on multiple platforms. If your content must top the results, being mobile-friendly will be one of the most important factors to be addressed.  

Content relevance

Content is King, no change about it. But giving the reader a relevant content is much more important than stacking up with much content. Again, quality over quantity. People tend to read a highly read blog than a lengthy one. Do not disappoint your readers by inviting them with an attractive tagline and feeding them inappropriate content. Make your content relevant by including the words you hope to rank for in key areas of your page. 

These aren’t secrets, but strategies many marketers use over the globe nowadays. Implementing them may be what you are lacking, to overcome your competitors’ impacts on your business and lead them.

What SEO strategies you know to get the best ranking? Share with us in the comments section.