As a business person, you would love to increase social media shares on your blog. When a visitor searches on your website and then shares your content on social media it brings more people to your brand, leading to increased brand visibility. Social shares are essentially free exposure and advertising. Here are some useful tips which help you to increase social media shares of your blog post. 

 Make your website mobile-friendly – If your website is not mobile-friendly you are at a severe disadvantage. If you have a mobile-friendly website along with a social sharing option that is well displayed on mobile devices, it will increase the likes that your visitors share your content.

 Develop your blog posts to show up correctly – When someone shares your blog posts on social media you want them to display as much clear and detailed as possible, including titles and images. When your data is complete and your posts are properly set up all of the information will transfer and display correctly. 

Use click to tweet snippets in your post – You will grasp more social shares if you make it easy for your visitors. The Click To Tweet plugin is a great input to any blog. It allows you to select text and make it tweetable with a single click. When visitors see interesting information and the option to tweet it so easily because they want to share that information with their followers. Not all of your visitors are going to see out your social share options when they are done reading your blog posts, so include some click-to-tweet options throughout your content. 

 Make your share simple –  The click-to-tweet option makes it simple for your visitors to tweet your content. But what about the other social media platforms? To attract social shares you need to make it easy. We have a social sharing option at the top of every blog post and we also have a social sharing bar that promotes when the visitor scrolls down far enough to make the main sharing option to go off. This means that there are social sharing options right in front of every visitor no matter how far they have scrolled. This option will always be there for them to share.

 Share your content multiple times – Most businesses will share a piece of content on social media once and they are missing a massive opportunity. Your huge audience isn’t going to see your blog posts for the first time you publish it and share it on social media. Every time you create a new blog post make sure you schedule it to be shared many times in the future, as this increases the audience that interacts with it. The more people that see it, the better chance of attracting social shares.

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