Everyone in Instagram wants to be Insta-famous with many followers and too many likes, don’t we? Insta has become one of the latest viral hits of social media marketing. Photographs, filters, photobombs, tags and much more are there to bombard you with happenings around you and our friends’ circle. But does everyone get as many likes and followers as they want? If no, How to get it? Let’s see some basic tips and exercises to gain 1000+ Instagram followers right within a week

1. Give and get love/like

The more views and likes your posts receive, the more people will see the, which increases engagement rate and your follower count over a period of time. While posting a picture of yours, write on the image “Double tap to know more” or “Double tap to get involved” and people will literally double tap. This is just like a request to your followers which will be immediately reciprocated. Be careful though, if you keep using it every day for every post, people will be bored or disappointed with it. Hence uses it a few times a month.

2. Instagram wants videos, a long one!

Videos are in a booming way. Social networks like instagram aren’t competing with other social networks,  They are far more competitive with Netflix or even traditional media. Videos will fetch more engagement than images, but that doesn’t mean any video. The video has to be long and engaging. If you can post a preview of your video in Insta and push the audience to IGTV to watch it further, the engagement rate will be boosted up, automatically.

3. Go Live

People want content now and then, they want it live! They want it fresh and hot. Go for live content that people are looking forward to viewing. Any event can be tuned in to, just because it can be seen happening in real time. So, when you go live on Instagram, Promote it heavily to get more viewers. It doesn’t matter what you talk about, it’s all about going live. Ideally, You should be going live on a weekly basis.

4. Respond to every single comment

Anyone can comment can respond to it, but not everyone does it. Commenting and replying get your audience to feel more personal and connected towards you and your content. They feel acknowledged and appreciated. Social networks are supposed to be social, which means you should participate. It’s just not about liking or sharing images and videos, it’s also about engaging with people and talking to them. When someone else posts, drop a comment. When someone else’s comment pops up in your post, interact with them, thank them. That will fetch more likes and followers in no time.

5. Multiple stories every day

Ever seen the stories of celebrities and the stars? They post a ton of stories that comes around 20 minimum stories per day, literally. The more stories you post, the more engagement you’ll create which will lead to more followers.

You can follow some tips to maximize your stories:

  1. Don’t post all your stories together, spread them out throughout the day. This will cause people to keep coming back and engaging with your profile.
  2. Use both images and videos within your stories. You’ll find that videos create more engagement.
  3. The more stories you publish, the better highlighted you are.
  4. Add polls to your stories, this also helps boost engagement.

There are some other things to be taken care of:

  • people prefer clean images that are simple. Keep it simple.
  • Darker Images don’t perform as well. Brighten up!
  • People want to get to know you – Be realistic and personal. Connect with your followers.
  • Hashtags  – Don’t spam and use 20 hashtags per image you post. Pick relevant and popular hashtags.
  • Use Instagram analytics – it informs you about when your followers are online so you know the apt time to post.

If all these above mentioned are followed with commitment, you’ll do well and you can tangibly see your audience growing by over 1000 new followers each week. we have another blog of ours, which will let you know a few basic marketing hacks on Instagram. 

So, What do you think about instagram? What strategy do you follow to improve on your follower’s count and engagement? Let us know by commenting below. Also, if you would like to get some help from us on our instagram profile, get in touch with us.