Landing pages are the unsung heroes of B2B marketing. They aren’t available always in the front row of awards, but their role in the buyer’s journey is critical. Without them, your database would barely be threadbare, and you would have little idea about your content or offers your customers value most. Many marketers use the fundamentals of landing page best practices: a compelling copy, Right placement, social proof. But beyond all these basics, there are many small yet effective ways you can maximize the visitors or the sign-ups your landing pages generate.

There are five simple things you can do today to boost your landing page conversions:

Game of Image

The human brain is believed to process visual information exponentially faster than text. So, it pays to spend a little time choosing an image that will create the right impact. Choose something that triggers the emotional response you’re looking to get inspired. 

Personalize the copy

To see the real engagement with your landing pages, use dynamic content to personalize your message to visitors based on what you already know about them, like their role or industry or area of expertise; making personalized recommendations based on their recent purchases. This personalized content makes them feel more connected and attended.

Run a Test

The value of testing landing page elements is as high as expected. But how many of us really conduct the A/B test landing page, every time? It’s well-proven that even tiny variations can make a huge difference like changing your button copy from Register to sign up now! Running an A/B Test for your landing page may bring out more good results than you expected.

Usage of Your forms

Forms and applications have been a staple of landing pages since digital marketing has begun. But with more mobile screen usages and social media platforms trying to keep people on-site, marketers would be wise to re-examine the role of forms and data collection. Many social media marketing channels allow you to find registration and other data directly on their sites.  The marketing automation tool and CRM system, you can get the data you need without hassling your prospects or redirecting them to another page. Collecting data, will let you nurture relationships and better serve the audience in the long run.

Creating a Thank you Page with more relevant content

If someone downloads your content, it means they’re interested in what you say. That makes the overlooked thank you page a perfect opportunity to offer them related content they may be interested in. The more they consume, the more they will understand their problems & solutions. Plus, you will gain a picture of what they’re interested in. Thank you pages may serve extra content whenever needed. 

These tips can be immediately made ready, and it can change your site results all of a sudden, who knows? Before running your next email marketing campaign, ask yourself:

Does it have an impact image?

Is there any element of personalization?

Are there a minimized number of form fields?

Is there any relevant content on Thank you page?

If it’s a Yes for all these questions, pat yourself, you’re set for a high-converting campaign. By testing and optimizing each element as you go, you can push higher conversions. This is the power of a landing page!

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