As a first-time startup business owner, posting on social media is certainly on your to-do list. Once your company grows through, you will want to expand your customer base. When a customer searches for you online, not only do they suppose to find a well-designed website, but a strong social media presence, too.

For a business owner searching into professional social media use for the first time, it can be quite daunting. How often should you post? Is it okay to post pictures and videos? What do you do with a negative comment? Those are all important questions. If used correctly, social media can be a great marketing tool that can generate leads. If used incorrectly, social media can tarnish your company’s reputation. That’s why we’ve come up with this social media do’s and don’ts. These tips will hint you in on the best behavior across social media channels.

DO Make Sure Your Profiles Are Filled out

First thing’s first. Before posting anything, your social media profiles must be filled out 100 percent. If you’re using Facebook, you’ll create a Facebook Business Page, which has far more detailed information. Once you’ve filled out all your profiles, you can start posting.

DO Consider Using Automation Softwares

Okay, but what if 3 p.m. Wednesday rolls around and you are busy in a meeting? Do you just skip postings of that day and wait until the next week? Not necessarily. You want to build the most prospective customers with each post, but you can not be conscious and on social media around the clock to do so. What’s your other option?

You can use automation software. Services like CoSchedule, Sprout Social, Oktopost, Hootsuite, Buffer, and HubSpot are some of the most popular ones, but there are untold others.

DON’T Forget the Good Times to Post

Posting on social media is an art. Think about your personal social media use for a moment. You probably have that one friend who just doesn’t know when to quit. They post about everything, from their breakfast to their work commute to what they’re cooking for dinner. It’s annoying, right? Eventually, you unfollow or even unfriend this person. Don’t be the business version of that friend. Your customers do care about what you have to say, but if you abuse that trust and post every hour, you’re going to lose customers.

DON’T Forget Your Links

The goal of posting on social media is twofold: you want to get more likes on your social media page and you also want to guide customers to your website.

You can’t achieve the latter goal if you’re not linking customers to your landing page, your blog, or your e-commerce store.

Don’t just trust that your customers will see your website URL on your social media profile and click it. With every post you make, hyperlink back to your site.

The page on your site you link back to varies depending on your goals.

With many social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, you can always go back and edit your post if you didn’t include a link. Try to make linking a habit, though.

DON’T Forget Your Other Accounts

There’s a lot of social media out there, and we’ve already mentioned the big ones. As a small business owner, you may get some momentum going on your Facebook profile and then get sidetracked with other responsibilities. Your Twitter or Google+ pages sit stagnantly.

When you make a post on one account, you have to do so on all your accounts. Again, automation software can really help here.

You can copy content from Facebook to Google+ and back again. When it comes to Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube though, you have to share your content through different media per platform.


Successfully navigating social media as a small business owner is like getting through a minefield unscathed. It’s not impossible, but it will be a challenge.

If you keep your brand and values in mind in all that you do, you’ll be in good shape. That should keep you from writing robotically, starting online fights with mean customers, and pushing sales at the expense of all else.

While social media can sometimes be stressful, at the end of the day, these platforms are crucial for marketing your business. The sooner you master social media, the sooner you can unlock its true potential.

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