Google is heavily investing and SEOs are trying to adapt to changes as and when required. That’s how Search Engine Optimization trends are created. So get to know the upcoming trends and work out a plan for each. Let’s explore the trends and ways to grow with them. 

Mobile-first Indexing

Google uses most of the pages for indexing and ranking, in the mobile version, since 2018. But beware, the mobile-first index doesn’t mean “mobile-only”. There’s still a single index with both mobile and desktop versions. However, once the site’s migrated, google will be using the mobile versions for ranking. Hence, your mobile version will be the primary one for ranking. Consider mobile page, speed, load time, images and other elements for a good mobile experience.

Mind the Page Speed

Google goes crazy about delivering the data quicker. Earlier, desktop page loading had been a ranking factor, but now mobile page speed has also become a ranking factor for mobile. Now for any page, optimization won’t be just enough, also the speed matters.

Voice search begins its rule

Voice search will make almost 50% of all the online searches and SEO experts should have an eye on voice search in 2019. Voice search is expected to go more focused on local business searches and connect. Voice search may become one of the most used search methods since it’s quick and enhances productivity. For users who can’t see the screen for some reason, voice search is the way out. 

Lots of changes are expected in the digital world right now including the changes in SEO. It’s quite exciting but a little scary too, isn’t it? It might not be clear about how the future of SEO will be, but it’s clear that the emerging technologies will have huge impact on SEO.

What are the biggest trends you are expecting to happen in the world of SEO in 2019? Connect with us to share your views.