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What is a cloud DNS?

A VPN cloud is a modern form of VPN technology explicitly developed for the cloud, which is known as a virtual private network as a service or hosted Virtual Private Network.

Until recently when employees of a business work outside the workplace, they will usually use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access to securely access any programme, data or files that the company’s servers required.

However, in recent years, with new cloud technology emerging and mobile workers swelling, several businesses have switched away from internal data centres and instead used the cloud. In reality, many enterprises have done this until now, with IDC, a global market intelligence company, estimating that by the end of 2020 67% of IT and tech enterprises will be cloud based.

As a result, an organisation uses a conventional VPN to redirect employees back to a physical office. Most of the time it is no longer reasonable because all of its software and data are located in the cloud. More significantly, since traditional VPNs have never been developed to operate with the cloud, they do not provide sufficient cloud security.

The way forward is to use DIMA cloud VPN instead.

Where does a Cloud VPN fit into the architecture of a company?

Cloud VPN is a new form of VPN technology unique to the Cloud, also known as VPN hosted or VPN as a service – VPNaaS. A cloud VPN gives users safe access via a website, desktop or mobile app to enterprise applications, data and files in the cloud. However a VPN cloud offers a reliable, globally accessible link, and is just part of the cloud distribution infrastructure of a business, unlike traditional VPNs requiring a certain form of VPN infrastructure. Another big benefit is that cloud VPNs can be set up and distributed globally in a matter of minutes rather than months.

Cloud VPN increases security as an alternative to traditional VPN and can help to increase the flexibility, agility and scaling of a company’s cloud architecture.

Using a cloud VPN enables a company to:

The Benefits of Using a Cloud VPN

  • Efficient, cost-effective, safe access to all cloud, data centre and data applications is provided for employees wherever they are.
  • Authenticate and maintain complete, reliable safety without purchasing or adding complexity to costly hardware or networking equipment.

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