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How essential is Cyber-Security?

Cyber security – an essential faculty

An alarming attack by hackers on an organization is the only time we speak of cybersecurity. In today’s growing world of technology, the internet and social media have become essential tools. Hence the basics of internet security are a critical skill and a must-know.

Safe web browsing:

We all use the internet every day, we use it for work, to connect with clients and customers, for shopping and banking, to keep in touch with friends and family and for planning vacations, we also use it to find answers to simple questions like “ Why is the sky blue?” 

There’s been vast and a growing connection to the internet which also means growing security issues. Many times we jot in our personal information too, almost anybody can interrupt and steal away valuable information, safe codes, and passwords!


Here are a few fundamental rules to protect yourself from any potential risk:

  • Avoid security issues by using secured sites. Insecure ones can expose both you and your organization to high risk. Secure sites start with “HTTPS”. Always look for the “S” for safe browsing. 
  • Look for the “padlock” sign. It is a safety certification provided by a certification authority. Clicking on the icon displays details on to who the certificate was issued and its validity term.
  • Always make use of strong passwords. Passwords are the first line of defense. Make sure passwords are only known to you. It is your responsibility to create a strong password.
  • Keep secure information private. Never reveal passwords and pins. Always think before sharing any potential information.
  • Report immediately to your IT department in case of any suspicion. Beware of malicious messages and emails. Do not try to access blocked sites, always look for appropriate information before attempting to enter any personal information. 
  • Phishing is a very popular tool used by internet criminals, it is a cyber-attack used to gain valuable information. These attacks are launched through mails and messages and target thousands at a time. Always beware of lucrative offers and treat emails with caution; especially emails from friends and family when you’re not expecting one from them.

Follow these fundamentals, protect yourself and your organization from potential risks. With the internet being a handy tool, safety is never complete without you!

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