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Which is the best to choose? Antivirus Software or Internet Security Software.

Most of us don’t understand the importance of having a security system installed on our computer. Some people install security software for namesake and start assuming their devices are secured enough from viruses or all sorts of malware.

Antivirus Software and Internet Security Software protect your computer from malware that we click or download unintentionally from online.

Both the software differ in terms of features and pricing. The software comes in packages based on the level of security you need.

Here, you’ll know about both antivirus and internet security which will help you decide what to choose for yourself.                                                                                                                                                               

Antivirus Software Program

A software program that protects your computer from viruses, worms, and Trojans entering your device network. The software monitors the device’s activities for any suspicious file downloads, or any malware.

Antivirus software provides security from malicious software coming from the internet through mails or any malicious websites. An antivirus performs mainly three actions which are:

  1. Detection of malicious software
  2. Identification of malicious software
  3. Isolation and Removal software

Antivirus deals with external threats and internal threats.

Antivirus Software scans only for the virus that has been stored in its database. It cannot analyse and identify any new type of malware that it doesn’t recognise. So Anti-virus software just fights Viruses, Worms and Trojans they have signatures for and provides a basic protection to your device.

Antivirus, these days, use cloud-base technology which makes them more powerful in handling e-threats.

Antivirus tools tend to be very basic with less features. Hence provide basic protection.

Most people remember that antivirus scans the viruses that are known to it. It is not able to detect the viruses that are from unknown sources or of unknown code. Heuristic feature was added to antivirus that provided better monitoring of the devices that acted like viruses. But it was not considered 100% accurate, though it provides better security than the traditional antivirus program.

Most people assume that antivirus can give them full security to their device. But the truth is that the antivirus software cannot detect the viruses from an unknown source. Only the viruses or malware that are present in their databases will be detected and killed. This process is not 100% accurate. The user only gets basic security.

Here’s what a basic antivirus software will do to your computer:

  • Protects your computer from viruses you may get from file sharing and internet downloads.
  • Scans your computer and isolates potentially compromised files or downloads.
  • Scans USB drives and e-mails for hidden viruses before opening them on your computer.

While antivirus programs are very handy, trying to infect your computer—they do not protect you from other kinds of harmful threats to your computer.

This is why people who need more protection move to internet security software.

Internet Security Program

To keep the computer more safe and secure from cyber criminals, Internet security provides a stronger shield than antivirus software against many threats with its exclusive features. Internet Security Software wholly aims to provide total protection to its users.

Internet Security software obviously does more than antivirus software. It provides protection against malware along with phishing attacks, spyware, and spamware. It deals with all the internet based threats and protects the system from cyber attacks. It includes extra features like firewall, antivirus, parental controls and email protection.

Data travels through the internet in an insecure manner. Internet security basically deals with the protection of data sent over the Internet. It secures debit card number, credit card number, email passwords, bank account details etc… that we share on the internet.

Internet Security still is a core antivirus program but with more additional features embedded in it. This Antivirus suite provides more defense against the potential cyber risks that come along with using the internet.

Internet Security differs from antivirus with its significant feature called a firewall. The distinguishing feature firewall Limits any third-party from accessing your computer network by decreasing the connection demands.

It refuses the requests of outsiders to access your data. Internet security also includes variable applications that secures your data from spyware programs and other malware.

Internet Security software especially safeguards your computer from malware like spyware and adware which could steal your personal information and leak it out to third parties. Of course, the software also provides protection against other sorts of malware.

Here’s what the Internet security software will do to your computer:

  • Protects against all internet threats, such as spam and malware.
  • Protects your computer fully from all threats coming across all channels.
  • Scans your computer hard drive for anything that may have gotten in and is causing problems.
  • Includes Antivirus Features to give you a higher level of protection.

Not only firewall, the internet security suite is a collection of many features including Anti Malware, Anti-spyware, Anti-Spam, password managers, a system vulnerability scanner, and banking and online shopping protections. 

These additional tools give you enough security from hackers, key loggers, identity thieves, and spammers that basic antivirus software doesn’t give.

Key Differences Between Antivirus and Internet Security

  • One of the major differences is that Antivirus protects the computer from viruses whereas Internet Security provides protection from spyware, viruses, phishing, spam, and email attachments. Also comes along with features like parental controls and banking protection.
  • An antivirus is a software that can scan, detect, and remove malware infected files from the system, whereas, Internet Security is a suite that contains different applications aiming to protect users against threats from using the Internet.
  • Internet Security Software is more costly when compared to Antivirus Software.
  • Both warn the user about unsafe websites, but Internet Security blocks the URLs.
  • Internet Security is updated frequently to contain the latest knowledge in viruses and malware, whereas, the antivirus receives lesser updates.
  • Internet security is considered as an umbrella term for the division of computer security that handles the internet-based threats. In contrast, the Anti-virus is just a part of Internet security which is limited to its features.


As technology grows, methods of cyber crime also get advanced and bad people use many other methods to do bad things with computer users. 

While an antivirus program looks appealing because of how easily accessible and inexpensive they are, users who choose to just use an antivirus leave themselves open to so many risks, especially when using networks with strangers like wi-fi hotspots.

So just antivirus is not enough to keep your computer safe & secure. You need Internet Security Software. A security suite like Internet Security is necessary for businesses and any network holding sensitive information. 

Always buy a total internet protection or Internet Security suite to keep your computer safe & Secure. Although it costs you a little more, it would give you complete peace of mind.                                   

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