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Experience the Best Network Security with AI Prediction Technology.


Enjoy browsing without the fear of being tracked, hacked or cyber-attacked.


Build the strongest Cyber Defense Network with our Threat Intelligence .


  • DIMA Antivirus predicts and stops unknown cyber-attacks/threats and complex malware that traditional antivirus software cannot do.
  • Provides Enhanced Internet protection, Virus protection, and USB Protection.
  • Instant safety checks on files, applications, and websites.
  • The malicious database gets updated every 60minutes automatically.
  • Easy to use | Lightning speed scanning engine with Full Scan and Custom Scan options.
  • Automatically detects and removes viruses, trojans, malware | Quarantines the viruses and malware in a Vault.
  • Log Files and vault access are provided for the user to see Antivirus software Activity.
  • No negative impact on system performance | DIMA AV only increases the system performance speed and efficiency.
  • DIMA AV is customizable according to the Servers and Client machines | PCs, Mac computers & Android devices
  • DIMA Antivirus is not only just Antivirus software. It can also perform Antispyware, Anti-phishing, Secure browsing, vulnerability scanner, Anti-Theft, Anti-Spam, Banking & Payment Protection, and Exploit Block activities.
  • Real-time protection against computer viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and provides complete protection against malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing attacks, data and identity thefts, and every other possible online and offline threat.
  • Rollback of harmful malware activity.
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • DIMA Antivirus is cloud-based antivirus software that is integrated with our threat intelligence API. Once the DIMA AV is installed, the AV gets accessed by our API and is ready to defend.
  • DIMA analyses all the hash values present in your PC and shares them with our threat intelligence API for the responses. The Intelligence API analyses it for bad malicious files and sends them back as bad responses(If any malicious files are found).
  • This API instantly commands the DIMA AV to quarantine the malicious files in the DIMA Vault. The users are given access to the DIMA Vault and are allowed to make their decision with the quarantined malicious file.
  • DIMA Antivirus will be automatically updated and you will never need to worry about getting the latest version of our software.
  • Note: DIMA Antivirus deals only with Hard disk scans and not with the host firewalls.