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Experience the Best Network Security with AI Prediction Technology.


Enjoy browsing without the fear of being tracked, hacked or cyber-attacked.


Build the strongest Cyber Defense Network with our Threat Intelligence .


  • Experience Safe and Clean Surfing
  • DIMA API’s Prediction Behaviour on URLs
  • DIMA API’s Prediction Behaviour on Domains
  • DIMA API’s Prediction Behaviour on IP address
  • Chrome Browser Console access provided for the user to see Log files
  • Present as Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
  • DIMA Browser Security Extensions are Integrated with our Threat Intelligence API
  • The DIMA Browser security extensions installed in your browsers (Chrome or Firefox) will use the DIMA API as the core to analyze the hidden malicious file and deny them from being downloaded or displayed on your PC.
  • In case the file gets downloaded to your PC, the DIMA AV comes into action to detect and defend the malicious files that escaped from browser security extensions.
  • Note: The Browser Security extensions are capable enough to detect any malicious files or URLs which means no malicious files can escape the hunt.
  • The Browser Security Extensions are also tagged with DIMA Antivirus which is an extra layer of protection.
  • Keep your browser safe and secure with DIMA Browser Security Extensions.
  • Buy DIMA Antivirus and Get our Browser Security Extensions for free.