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Experience the Best Network Security with AI Prediction Technology.


Enjoy browsing without the fear of being tracked, hacked or cyber-attacked.


Build the strongest Cyber Defense Network with our Threat Intelligence .


  • Powerful SSL Decryption
  • Online Virus Scanning
  • Explicit Proxy
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Keyword analysis
  • File Extensions Analysis
  • Websites analysis
  • URL Analysis,
  • User authentication
  • Multiple User Accounts
  • Threat Intelligence Powered
  • DIMA Proxy is not just another monitoring tool that you think. DIMA Proxy uses a powerful SSL decryption technology that can decrypt the SSL secured sites which the traditional proxy servers cannot do.
  • DIMA Proxy blocker is capable of blocking Domains, URLs, Keywords, and file extensions. You can Add/Remove Domains, URLs, Keywords, and file extensions according to your internet access policy. You can also download the database of existing Domains, URLs, Keywords, and file extensions to check what is already blocked and plan on what needs to be blocked/unblocked.
  • DIMA Proxy has the capability of a complete firewall. DIMA Proxy is integrated with our Threat Intelligence API which frequently communicates with the integrated proxy server decrypting the hash values.
  • The web traffic entering your network will be scanned in real-time by Threat Intelligence powered DIMA Proxy.
  • Escape the cyberattack with our most advanced DIMA Proxy.