DNS Services to Help Your Business Growth

The buzzing globalization of trading services, digitization of the economy, and increasing hyper-connectivity in the last decade had made a noteworthy difference in the field of e-commerce and online business development.

Most of the companies that aim at a steady, long-term growth, are unavoidably trying to provide a safe and high-performance online experience for their clients. 

Choosing a reliable DNS partner is a matter of great importance since a fast DNS service can significantly enhance website speed, grant additional security, reduce bounce rates, and thus inevitably increase the company’s ROI.

How does DIMA manage to meet all customers’ needs with Any cast DNS & additional perks?

We strive to provide the most solid DNS services on the planet in matters of price, performance, and general ROI expectancy. This is a great goal that requires no less than having the ultimate service network, technological base, and customer service. 


Cloud-based infrastructure is the ultimate digital resolution that ensures maximum speed, no hardware-related bugs, and problems, no lags in performance, and zero chance of ever losing a piece of essential data.

Any cast technology –  It utilizes the different locations that receive queries for the network and distributes them geographically by using the shortest path available to a particular DNS server. 

Secondary DNS is a technology that distributes traffic between two providers and thus assures the highest possible level of security. It manages to keep a website top, even when an unknown crash occurs in the primary DNS provider. It’s a matter of critical importance for every considerate business owner. 

24/7 service and support assurance adequate care for the customer through day and night.

A free trial is available for all plans. Anyone is welcome to test how the plan works for them, to personally acknowledge its perks, and receive free 24/7 guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Which DNS plan to choose according to your needs – Free DNS, Premium DNS, and more

DIMA offers four different subscription plans, formulated to give a personalized solution to various customer and business objectives. What are those plans, and what are their advantages; what do they include, and which of them is most suitable for your individual business goals?

Free DNS – DNS Pipe

DNS Pipe is a free application used for Android devices. 

It’s a zero budget DNS solution with many elements that guarantee a reasonable level of reliability for its purposes.

This app supports WIFI, mobile connections, and Ethernet. It is easy to adjust the DNS servers used by your device when using WiFi, android offers no option to change the used DNS servers when using a mobile connection (2G/3G/4G etc.).

This App creates a VPN connection locally to use your configured DNS servers on both wifi and mobile networks without needing root permissions.

Premium DNS – DNS Changer

DNS Changer is a paid application used for iOS devices. 

It’s a low-budget DNS solution, which is an upgraded version of the Free DNS package, with added Premium options. 

  • No root required
  • WiFi / Mobile Data (2G/3G/4G) support
  • Tablet and smartphone support
  • Unblock the restricted web content
  • Browse faster on the net
  • DNS Changer is the undemanding way to Change DNS. Works without root and for both WiFi and Mobile Network Data Connection.

DDoS Protected DNS

DDoS attacks are frequent and severe enough to do much damage to growing business entrepreneurs. Every minute of downtime can cost your business a small fortune, that depends on user activity. That’s why using a DDoS Protected DNS is more important for every big E-commerce, service provider, and even social institution. 

Thus, our team is always there to answer your questions, advise you on your case, provide essential resources, and propose a personalized solution. All you need to do is reach out and let us do the magic!

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