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  • Why APTs are Dangerous
  • Symptoms of APT Attacks
  • Protection Mechanisms against APT Attacks
  • The Good News – APT Killer is Available

                 Do you know the connection between Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame and Red October? Those who know already are aware of the seriousness of security threats. The types of attacks in network security and data security are manifold. But, (Advanced Persistent Threats, APT) are the most dangerous. These four are examples of highly complex malware APTs, which have haunted the security community considerably.

Today, the number as well as the complexness of cyber-attacks is steadily increasing and present security mechanisms are struggling to detect and handle these complex threats. The intruders in network security and data security are strong in both technically and financially. In this background, it is highly important to understand current security threats, especially APTs to secure organizations’ data assets.

Why APTs are Dangerous

An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a complicated, long-standing as well as multi-staged attack, uniquely developed and spread by well-built cyber crime syndicates. APTs are usually complex and many-faceted. Their impacts can be considerably destructive and irreversible, unless you act fast.

APTs target highly sensitive and critical data troves such as intellectual property, classified data, communication between high value profiles, taking control of websites, and so on.


Symptoms of APT Attacks

If you are looking to ensure data confidentiality and data security of your organization, it is important to be aware of the telltale signs of cyber attacks. Here are some common signs that could tell you that your organization is facing an APT attack:

  • Doubtful logons
  • Sudden surge in data flow
  • Repeated malware attacks
  • Unanticipated data bundles

Protection Mechanisms against APT Attacks

Usually, most of the organizations’ security personnel implement one or a combination of these below techniques to handle APTs. Many security services in network security are also recommending these measures to deal with network security issues.

  • Installing antivirus
  • Installing firewalls
  • Developing intrusion prevention systems
  • Building a sandbox mechanism
  • Ensuring E-mail protection
  • Installing Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Despite all these, there are many organizations failing miserably and falling victims to sophisticated and well-organized APTs.

The Good News – APT Killer is Available

DIMA Warrior is an expert in security technology. We help you take proactive steps to safeguard your organization from an APT attack. The perimeter level security mechanism will never be adequate to handle high risk APTs. We have come up with a unique, sound and strong DNS-based anti APT system, which acts proactively.

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