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Importance of Cybersecurity in Covid-19 Pandemic Situation

Ever since the advent of computers, the only thing that has grown at par with computers and remote networks is cybercrime. Cybercrime has always been a nuisance, but now especially more considering that newer and newer methods of hacking and cyber-attacks are coming up every single day. 

This happens mainly because of 2 reasons:

  1. The individual user’s lack of awareness of cybersecurity 
  2. Technical loopholes in systems and networks can be exploited easily. 

Many cultural and workplace changes have taken place ever since the global pandemic came into play. More and more people are working now, which means being more exposed to cyber-attacks. 

Earlier, when people were working at the workplace, they would usually work on the organization’s Local Area Network (LAN), which means that all their data would be protected by the organization’s IT systems, and no external source would have easy access to inside data and information. 

Even if something different was happening on one system, the employee could immediately check if the same was happening with their colleague in the next cubicle and in case of something suspicious, rapid action could be taken by the IT team. 

Now most people working from home don’t have the protection of the organizational IT system, and thus become increasingly vulnerable to attacks. The problem here is that cyber-attacks never seem to be malicious. They come very well disguised, as offers for products or something similar. 

A recent phishing trend was to make people download an excel sheet that offers assistance to work from home employees to claim additional TDS benefits, and this came covered up as an official government site. 

Once the victim downloads the file, a malicious code is injected into the system to extract every single bit of data. Another risk comes in the form of the shared Wi-Fi or data networks that an individual uses, exposing them to so many sites that could cause attacks and extract data, despite the use of VPNs. 

Keylogging, tab nabbing, and phishing are just the tip of the iceberg. The problem could come in many forms, and hence it is essential to be aware of cybersecurity and to adequately guard ourselves against cyber attacks.

Now is a crucial time, and every enterprise should make it a priority to educate their employees on new cyber hazards that have cropped up with the increased use of remote systems

It would also be advisable to focus more on detection technologies to monitor suspicious traffic from the home user’s system, and analytical technologies like “user behavior needs” could be adopted at the earliest. Employees should also be encouraged to report anything suspicious to the IT team immediately, to prevent major security breaches and data leaks.

In conclusion, cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common in the COVID world, and the intent to steal data and misuse it is also becoming a major attraction. It is high time we started taking cyber attacks seriously and took measures to detect and tackle them at the earliest. 

It is very crucial to start updating oneself on the various forms of cybercrime and have reliable systems to fight them as well.

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