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Importance of DNS security and Dima DNS will solve your problem

Importance of DNS security:

Our predictions are that cyber attacks and cyber security will be more central to DNS. 

The high-profile attacks show that attackers are often seen in their network by even major organisations (with large safety budgets). This does not mean that these networks are the only ones compromised, only those attacks were the headlines.

Attackers used DNS trickers to set up and maintain their command and control servers under the radar. You can see evidence of these attacks by analysing DNS traffic — a practise that most of the companies are not following. At Dima we have a solution for this.

Specifically, look for new domains, strange domains that are queried by only a few IP addresses and predominantly failed searches. Attackers try to keep their servers under wraps by registering new domains; they are protecting it by blocking domains under 24 hours. Look for traffic to single and esoteric domains; traffic from one or two internal systems to a peculiar domain could be very indicative of communication with a command and control server.

Search for failed lookups, These could indicate new malware infections as the newly infected system tries to call back and download a lot of malware without having to reach many domains (which is consistent with the pattern of attackers setting up and tearing down domains to avoid detection, often using domain generation algorithms to create new random domains). Since the malware’s ability to reach the control server is critical, the malware is designed to remain in place until the malware reaches a valid field, attempting and failing as often as necessary.

How Dima will solve DNS problem:

Likewise all these threats issued from the DNS can be solved by the DIMA Emperor. India’s first AI powered DIMA Emperor Predictions Security API provides the good and bad results, which can automatically create zone files if we have a DNS firewall. Now we need to connect the DIMA Emperor to the DNS firewall if we are using a DNS firewall and we need to give security intelligence. DNS doesn’t fully know all of the URL, but it knows the domain name and IP addresses to record. And we can keep that log every 60 minutes, send it through HTTPS to the DIMA Emperor, and obtain good and bad data from the DIMA Emperor. Now we can collect all the wrong responses and store them in the blacklist area file and only allow good responses. 


Protect all your information in the Domain Name System (DNS). Avoid all unnecessary attacks. DIMA DNS Security does it better than any other security does.

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