We are steering through this new world where employees, students and officials are operating remote from home. At this stage it is crucial to protect your laptop and mobile devices.

Attackers are persistently checking out ways to manipulate vulnerable situations. The hackers often exploit the trending news headlines, holidays and ongoing world events to persuade with their malicious content.

But successfully internet security providers have made number of updates in their DNS Services to make sure that their users are protected against cyber attacks.

A contribution to handle the pandemic

The prime most impact of COVID 19 was the transition of organizations to a complete remote model. In order to assist web projects that supportthe combat against COVID 19 pandemic, we offer free security access to our users. We strongly aid sites, apps, APIs and tools that help people with COVID-19. In few cases, outdated software or poorly provisioned permissions could be a gateway for malicious threats. We provide unique solutions such that the user receives the automatic security updates. 

Barricade against attack

DIMA solutions offers quick, effective and dynamic cloud securitythat enables remote workers to stay protected within minutes. Our researchers have developed an exclusive view of the internet to recognize threats at a faster rate. If the webpage you are accessing is found to be infected, we ensure to prohibit the connection at the earliest point and provide you with a block page. 

 A Strategy to block COVID 19 related cyber attacks

The phishing category contains a blacklist of reviewed COVID-19 URLs, domains and IP addresses. We update phishing category continuously with latest malware indicators provided through Cyber threat coalition. Sharing intelligence in the time of crisis prohibits the bad attackers from invading your data. 

Cautious Measures

Be cautious and mindful of these tips before you click.

  • Do not trust every email though it comes from someone you already know. Be cautious of uncommon requests even from the known senders.
  • Never disclose financial or personal information through an email request.
  • The website isn’t necessarily reliable because you see HTTPS. Attackers are too smart in obtaining authorization to create HTTPS websites.

Stay home with Secured Connection

It is reported that around fifty percent of the domains that included keywords “COVID” or “Corona” are vicious.

Home Wi-Fi networks that widely stay disconnected from VPN while working are more vulnerable to various types of threats. It is advised to adopt Open DNS for home networks that ensure the reliability of your internet connection.

DNS, an inevitable soldier

The attacker first need to step into internet infrastructure to proceed with the attack at each stage. Similarly, the target needs to be connected to the particular infrastructure. Attackers with the motive of extracting data will trigger a command and control call back, thereby a communication is established between the malware network and the attacker infrastructure. Therefore it takes control of the targeted machine.

The DNS-layer security acts as a prime most layer of defense against the threat waiting over the internet. DNS request enables the connection between the IP address and the requested domain.


Therefore it is essential to protect any business and an individual user from malware. We understand the existing pandemic and vulnerability of the network connections. DIMA Warrior provides complementary solution to the typical enterprise network systems to protect against advanced threats.