Animated doodle videos are constantly viewed everywhere. They might just be the next greater thing in video marketing. Dima Business Solutions thinks so, and this is why they released a new animated doodle video exclusively for Beat Generals.

Animated doodle videos are the next marketing trend.

We recently created a video for Beat Generals using rapid drawn animation to entice viewers and get more video views. These unique presentations are being watched over and over again, because of the enticing sketch art and video animation drawn by the most qualified artists.  Doodles that are used in rapid drawn animation are hand-scribed by professional artists combining those who have created video animation for many treasured Disney films.

We produce 100% unique, hand-drawn art, which we turn into winning and fun videos featuring your product or service. They catch the attention of visitors, increase the length of time they spend on your site, and ultimately boost sales and conversion rates by a significant amount.