App explainer is a highly engaging and effective way to tell your potential customers what your app is about and how it can help them. At Dima Business Solutions,we help you to connect with your audience on an emotional level, combining attractive visuals, animations & informative audio, to boost your brand image and engagements.

An app explainer video is an engaging video and a successful approach that allows you to showcase the unique features and benefits of an application. An app explainer video mainly focus on educating viewers on how to use the application.

Did you know that social media apps are the most used apps? The good news is that you can promote your app on social media platforms to reach your audience. And, the bad news is that your app probably won’t be used as much as social media apps.

Don’t give up though, because we have found the best way to promote your app.

So, you wonder how to do it. One of the best ways of promoting an app is creating a short app explainer video and showing your potential users the principles, interface, advantages, and benefits of your app.

Creating explainer videos is very easy, considering the fact that there are video maker tools which provide standard explainer video templates. Renderforest is one of them. You can create an impressive app explainer video with one of our templates for free, for a broadcast quality version.

Check out our templates below:

  • Modern Mobile App Kit
  • Realistic Website and Mobile Promo
  • Mobile App Toolkit
  • Contemporary App Promo
  • Isometric Mobile App Kit
  • Modern Phone Mockup Toolkit

Create amazing and unique explainer videos for your app, which will help you to promote it on social media. Choose from the creative, stylish scenes and transitions to make an awesome video.