Dima Business Solutions provide infographic video services. We entertain and inform you with drop-dead gorgeous infographics. We use Biteable to become an expert infographic video maker fast and amaze your viewers even faster.

We deliver you an idea in a simple, engaging and direct way. It combines cool animations, appealing images, and a clear language to grab the viewer’s attention in a faster way. We inform the audience but at the same time it’s educative: in no more than 90 seconds, it compiles what the company does, explains how it can help the customers and describes why that product/service is the best option in that specific niche.


Short: These marketing videos pass out a business idea quickly, in less than 90 seconds. Don’t miss these important key tips on the specific length animated explainer videos should have.

Simple: Animated marketing videos communicate a simple message by following the classical narrative scheme: first, the what, the how, and finally the why.

Focused on the target audience’s needs: These videos are based on the audience itself and their specific problems. This generates a tough identification from them towards the company’s proposal.

Animated characters: These marketing videos feature animated characters that combines a good dose of humor, emotion, and personality to the story.

Branding colors: Explainer videos generally include the colors of the brand’s identity in the backgrounds and landscapes, so as to generate quick brand recognition.


Infographic videos are growing more and more prevalent as simple and easy ways to share information using video.

And in a time where the average attention-spans are dropping faster than ever,  Our infographic video makes to produce engaging & high-impact video infographics instantly!

  • Make engaging, fun and informative infographics.
  • Free to use, no credit card is required to get started.
  • Make your video online, no bulky downloads required.
  • Hundreds of infographic templates to choose from.


  • Visual and verbal learning
  • Gain great online visibility
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Drive your viewers to take action 
  • Boost conversions and sales
  • Increase shareability
  • Fit the mobile logic