Live Action videos have a various process altogether. To begin, you have got your script and storyboard stage. Which you will either need to have a go at it yourself, or hire somebody to do it.

Then you’ve got the filming where you’ll need:

  •  location
  •  Cast
  •  Insurance
  •  Props
  •  wardrobe
  •  set.

Finally you have all your post-production elements. From editing, music, sound effects and extra graphics. But if time and money is tight, it’s possible to shoot a DIY style live action video in just a couple of days.

A major benefit of Live Action, is that you can take advantage of things you already have. You can use your own place as a setting and rope your friends in to do some acting. You can also make any necessary adjustments, and even improvise on the day if you wanted to. This will avoid your expensive changes further down the line. So the cost depends on what resources you can utilise, and what you need to source. After weighing these up, you can budget accordingly.


The main advantage of live-action videos is that they carry an authentic, instructive tone. They can also have a humanising feeling to them. People can sometimes relate more to live-action videos, as they communicate emotions in a quick way. This is because of our ability to read body language.

 Live action videos are also faster to create as long as you don’t add too many tough elements to them. The more writers, actors, locations, camera angles, you add, the longer the video will be.