Hit a viral emotion

Do you know who shares a video that made them shrug and say, “Well, that’s interesting, I guess?”

To make a video go viral, you have to make people feel something by promoting an emotional connection in the video. Ideally, it needs to be a great emotion, something that translates well into action. 

One of these five will do:

  • Joy
  • Surprise
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Love

But creating viral content is not just about triggering the right emotions – or anyone would be able to make viral videos, all day every day, and the idea would lose all meaning.

To make a video go viral online, you need to bring your viewers that they are in control. That they can do something in response to their intense emotions. That they can – and should – spread their joy, publicly proclaim their anger, or blow someone else’s mind.

This fascinating scientific study refers to this important element as dominance and proves that it’s critical for achieving virality. You should check it out!

Make something amazingly useful

Here is an idea: you don’t want to make a video go viral so everyone with a pulse watches it.

Sure, you’ll get a lot of eyeballs on your content and increase your brand awareness – but chances are, 99,999% of them won’t belong to your ideal customers. And your effort will generate very less sales, if at all.

You don’t need that kind of virality! It’s counter-productive to what you really won’t – get as many paying customers as you can while investing the minimum amount of effort possible!

So, instead of thinking to make a viral video with maximum mass appeal, try this: create something wildly useful for your target market.

Something they won’t be able to ignore. This form of viral video marketing grabs your target audience by giving them something that will get them talking, and sharing, and applying what you show them. A video that will be so valuable to them that coming back to you and using your products and services will be a no-brainer!

Here’s a great example of how you can engineer “smash hit” content (not just video) that makes your brand money – and not just in the short term like most viral videos, but year after year.