Dima Business Solution is a Whiteboard animation company that brings drawings and text to life with movement, on a digital canvas. On this virtual whiteboard, the classroom-style explanation is used to explain a story.

Whiteboard animation is a process where a story is drawn on a whiteboard. Our artists would record themselves while drawing on a whiteboard. This animation style proved to be so engaging that it is now hugely popular among animators, marketers and educators alike.

Whiteboard animation keeps attention.

Due to the constant drawing motion, viewers anticipate what is going to happen next. So they stay attached to the video and want to finish watching it.

It is educational. Whiteboard animation retains viewers due to its “back to school” effect. When they see a whiteboard, they are ready to listen and learn whatever you would like to share with them.
It is universal. This video style is appropriate for just about anything: from business videos to school presentations.

It improves conversion rates. People are 5 times more likely to purchase a product or subscribe to a newsletter after watching a video than reading text alone.

Why You Need A Whiteboard Video

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Grabs Attention
  • Going Viral Is Now Easier
  • Simple & Powerful
  • Increase Search Rankings
  • .Improve Conversions


Effortless animation

Our Bold and clear visuals deliver your message in a direct way, adding a fun element as the camera pans to each new scene or idea.In our Whiteboard animation services, VideoScribe lets you choose from a huge library of hand-drawn illustrations to create high-quality whiteboard animation, effortlessly.

Instantly memorable

Your audience is instantly put into learning mode as they recognize the teaching style of a whiteboard.With their interest spiked by the striking artwork, it is proven to increase engagement and make your message more memorable.