Automation and artificial intelligence are transforming businesses Dima, provides AI and automation that bring benefits to business and society.

Automation and AI

Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

The adoption of AI technologies by industries such as financial services, hi-tech and communications and healthcare is gathering momentum.AI and automation services, offered by Dima Business Solutions, which includes a plethora of technologies from robotic process automation to deep learning, speech-to-text to computer vision, and big data analytics, is making maximum impact on functions like marketing, sales and supply chain management.

The challenge for business leaders and technologists is to look beyond the maze of products and develop AI-enabled capabilities that are aligned to the long-term business strategies. Based on the current AI product and service offerings in the industry and the way we are adapting AI capabilities, four possible patterns have emerged for AI adoption. Implementing each pattern offers some benefits and paves the path towards building better business capabilities.

  • Productivity enablers: Existing mundane and simple business processes are automated using RPA to minimise human intervention and improve cycle time
  • User experience enhancers: Several AI products exist in the market that can be deployed in organizations to enhance user experience for both internal users and external customers
  • Business capabilities: From time to time, organizations are keen to build business solutions specific to solve a particular business problem or related to a specific business unit.
  • Core capabilities: Organizations need to identify their core capabilities that are aligned to the broader business strategy and can be AI enabled to deliver enterprise-wide benefits to potentially create competitive advantage

Based on the nature of benefits, the above patterns are broadly divided into two categories:

  • Capabilities that deliver operational effectiveness
  • Capabilities that offer strategic competitive advantage

Our core services

  • Consulting across evaluation and AI maturity assessment, CoE setup, use case discovery, creating a business case and facilitating change management
  • Enabling Business as well as IT to Rethink processes, co-create innovative solutions, design the AI architecture and strategizing to make the best of Data, and leveraging Cloud
  • Delivering Value at Scale by setting up an automation ecosystem, bringing in operational excellence, RPA and Chatbot Factory models, to implementing use cases
  • Bringing pre-built Cognitive Solutions like Logo Detection, Sentiment Analysis, Image Analytics, Chabot frameworks, a comprehensive HR solution and other apps to work for you