Dima provides Internet of Things services that helps you to optimise time and boost productivity.


Internet of Things (IoT) Service

Internet of Things or IoT is an ecosystem of connected physical objects and devices that are accessible through the internet. The ‘thing’ in IoT could be a person or an automobile with attached or inbuilt sensors i.e. objects that have been entitled an IP address and have the ability to collect and transfer data over a network without manual assistance. Dima Business Solutions internet of things services enables organizations to transform business needs into competitive advantages by offering innovative IoT powered solutions. We provide comprehensive IoT development services to our clients like integrating the right sensors, deriving insights and choosing the innovative development platform. 

Our IoT solutions allow businesses to target outcomes while we facilitate their digital transformation journey. As a leading IoT service provider, our IoT solutions portfolio with coverage over, gateways, connectivity, cloud, user experience, and analytics provides immense benefits to organizations. We help you to improve business value, enhance efficiency and reduce operations and maintenance costs. 

In manufacturing or any other big industrial set-up, there is a constant need for improving process efficiencies and product quality. Real-time data gathering is very crucial for generating insights into the processes. By connecting factory equipment, devices or PLC to the cloud, real-time data can be gathered and stored on the Cloud IoT platform. Analysis of this can help in better predicting and resolving maintenance requirements, correlate quality issues to the machine and environmental factors, reduce downtime, and improve quality.  Our IoT can further help by:

  • Increasing visibility to cost, efficiency, and quality across factories
  • Monitoring production performance and predicting maintenance
  • Monitoring assets and predicting failure
  • Monitoring the quality and applying best practices training

Recently, IoT services are spreading into many fields, such as industry and agriculture, as a result of the improved productivity from use of AI speakers, smartwatches, smart meters, security cameras, various types of sensor, etc., and there is no doubt that the convenience of IoT will become an essential part of our future lives.

Dima Business Solution supports its customers with IoT solutions for the market with:

  • Leading-edge measurement technologies grasping the power of mobile and wireless communications.
  • An extensive and complete product line covering wireless to wired connectivity.
  • Wireless to wired measurement technologies for upcoming generation 5G markets.