Why a Solid Internet Security is Essential if your Organisation is Shifting to Cloud

   In 2015, Dell reported that companies that invested in big data, cloud mobility, and security enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors. If that was the case back then, the trend has only continued over time, and has magnified considerably ever since work and study from home became the new normal in 2020.

   With more and more people attending classes online and working from home, most of the population is online now in one form or the other. Cloud computing and internet security have assumed a greater role not just because the scale of use has increased, but also because the requirements have changed significantly, and cloud computing greatly caters to all these requirements.

   With most organizations shifting to cloud based computing systems, it is a tough choice to pick out the right one for your organization. A key factor to look out for is how much weight age is given to security features. This is because the cloud being a remote network is prone to attacks from external sources if not protected properly. 

   When adopting a cloud computing system, make sure it has a proper internet security to keep away various forms of attacks and malwares. Some of the common forms of attacks are DDoS, Phishing, Ransomware attacks, and fake mails. A good internet security system will easily detect anything suspicious, and will help you stay clear of them. Look out for ones that provide both offline and online security, and security against all kinds of attacks.

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