The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Identifying The Right IoT Platform?

Don’t know which IoT platform to choose? Choosing the right IoT platform is a complex endeavor. Whether you are an IoT hobbyist, experienced developer, or senior executive, the landscape is enormous and confusing. This article aims to clear up some of the difficulty and offer a quick and scannable pathway of the IoT platform landscape. It also provides a standard for how you should evaluate IoT platforms based on your needs.
What is an IoT Platform?

In the effortless terms, an Internet Of Things is an integrated service that provides you the things you need to bring physical objects online. It needs to be capable of supporting millions of concurrent device connections and easily allow you to configure your devices for machine-to-machine communication.

End-to-end IoT Platforms

Fundamentally, end-to-end IoT platforms provide the hardware, software, connectivity, security, and device management tools to hold millions of concurrent device connections. It also provides all the managed integrations you need — OTA firmware updates, device management, cloud connection, cellular modem, etc — to connect and monitor a fleet of devices online.

Connectivity Management Platforms

These platforms offer low power and low-cost connectivity management solutions through Wi-Fi and cellular technologies. This can extend from connectivity hardware, cellular networks, and data routing features.

IoT Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms focus to get rid of the complexity of increasing your own complex network stack and offer the backend services (plus other services) to monitor and connect millions of simultaneous device connections.

Data Platform

Of course, every type of IoT platform connects with data in some way. But many IoT companies conjoin with many of the tools you need to route device data and manage/visualize data analytics.

IoT Platform Verticals

Categorizing the IoT platforms under a single category is probably presenting it simply. All these platforms tend to offer a number of solutions and that can not be broken down into a single category. So you need to explore what they are offering, and who they are offering it to.

The IoT Platform Short List

Now that you have gained some tips of IoT platforms, verticals, and the things you should be looking for, it’s time to start looking. Here is a short list to help you start finding the right IoT platform for your solution.

Particle — Particle is an enterprise IoT platform that provides everything you need to increase an IoT product, from Device to Cloud.

Salesforce IoT — Maximize your business endeavor with IoT cloud services.

Microsoft IoT Azure — amplify your operational productivity and profitability with a preconfigured connected factory solution.

Google Cloud’s IoT Platform — integrated services that allow you to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest IoT data

IBM Watson IoT — IBM’s new Watson Internet of Things (IoT) is a cognitive system that learns from, and infuses intelligence into the physical world.

ThingWorx — providing an effortless way for industrial companies to unlock the value of physical and digital convergence.

Xively Platform — an enterprise IoT platform that helps to accelerate your connected product or service.

ThingSpeak Platform — ThingSpeak is the open IoT platform with MATLAB analytics.

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