Why do you need a next generation DNS firewall, when you already have a traditional firewall in your workplace? The main thing is “The newer the technology the better the security”. In earlier days, Firewall was the system we all needed to protect our network and we were with the knowledge that our systems were safe. But the actual truth is ‘No’. Generally traditional firewalls stay in one place and apply a general barrier effect. They decide what enters and what stays outside, using ports and policy rules. However Traditional Firewalls are no longer good enough.

What if your firewall doesn’t protect your DNS? You need to take a different approach. Shift yourself to the connected world. In today’s world of technology, Modern DNS servers like those from Dima, take a very different route in delivering a secure DNS. The DNS firewall is created to provide safer access to web-based resources.


Installing a firewall is more essential for any business/organization. Modern generation firewalls are able to block malware from entering into a network, something that traditional firewalls fail at. Having an updated version of firewall is more important. Threats to personal devices and larger networks are highly challenging day by day. With the flexibility of the newest generation of firewall, your devices and companies are quite safe from a much broader spectrum of intrusions. Although these firewalls are not only the right solution for every business and security professionals, but also serves several benefits.


Today’s cloud-based infrastructures and workloads cannot be protected by traditional firewall strategies. Thus, securing your network with DNS firewall will be highly effective. DNS firewall enables better network protection from the threats like Malware, Phishing, Cryptomining, Command and Control, Domain Generation Algorithm, DNS Spoofing and DNS Rebinding. DNS Firewall works by employing DNS Response Policy Zone (RPZ) and actionable threat intelligence to prevent data exfiltration.

A modern DNS server will give you fast security that users generally don’t notice. Not only that, but there are also some false positives, that your data is still protected. In a world where networks seems to be increasingly complicated and risky, a modern DNS serves, simplifies, and protects your network.

We hope that the above given information in the blog has a brief understanding of what you expected. You’ll never look at network security in the same way again. If you find the above information on any of your network security related queries, be sure to contact us today.

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