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What are Computer Viruses?

The term “Viruses” is very alarming, especially in this enduring pandemic. Viruses not only infect humans but also enormously infect internet-connected devices such as devices, phones, and tablets.

So, what’s a computer virus exactly? 

Any unwanted programmed code that enters a computer system without the user’s knowledge and damages the system’s data and performance. It can also perform malicious activities assisting the cyberthieves running a cyberattack. 

Like the human virus, the computer virus also self-replicates itself immeasurably causing damages that require a high recovery price.

Once devices like computers and phones are connected to the internet, it is constantly bombarded with malicious codes to infect it.

Hence, any individual or a company that uses internet-connecting devices in the business will have to be equipped with the right tools to defend themselves from infection.

Where Do Viruses Come From?

Highly professional coders write these codes and use them to infect their target computers to steal sensitive information. They exploit the stolen data causing severe vulnerabilities to the company. These exceptional codes that are written to cause damage to any network of devices are called viruses.

Some programmers or coders create viruses to gain access to potential data, such as credit card details, passwords, or other personal details.

Some write them to cause destruction or some to sell their antiviruses that only block the viruses they created. 

Viruses also act as the host in an infected computer assisting the hacker to pull out the sensitive information needed to destroy the computer or the entire network of computers. Thus bringing down a business is achievable.

Computer viruses will consistently evolve as long as we find a precise technology to defend our network from being infected.

Every single day, more than 60,000 new pieces of malware are created daily. There is an average of 419 new threats appearing every minute. There are so many viruses on the internet that it is no longer safe for anyone. It does not matter what you use your computer for. Every day someone is coming up with a new virus.

More than 60,000 new malware are created every day. On average, 419 new threats emerge daily.  With the Internet filled with malicious codes, it’s no longer safe for anyone to browse without defending software.

Numbers like these should be a warning call to everyone who thinks they don’t need any security software for their devices(Laptop or PC).

You might be thinking that you are careful online, but you’re not. You might think that visiting reputable websites or downloading files or apps only from official resources like the Windows app store or iTunes. But you’re never truly safe if you’re browsing online unprotected.

The programmers who code the viruses know the vulnerability point of the devices better than we do. That’s why the viruses that were created are still in play.

Viruses are prudently programmed to gain access from the victim’s devices and to conduct a criminal-favoured cyberattack.

Do we have a solution to these virus-centred cyberattacks? 

How do we defend these viruses from entering our devices?

The primitive intelligence is to install antivirus software onto your computer and an app on your mobile device. In this internet revolutionized world, antivirus software becomes necessary for every internet-connecting device.

The most common thought among people about antivirus software is that it is not necessary if you’re being careful. They tend to think that “common sense” is all you need. This is a myth.

I’d like to remind you once again that the people who programmed those malicious codes are far better than your common sense.

Irrespective of the device that you’re using, the desperate risks that you will face online without proper defending software is huge. Your entire device, the financial information present in your devices, and also your online identity can all be traded off by cyber-criminals.

After all, we’re just humans and there is always room for human error, so protecting your devices and network with antivirus is crucial.

No matter how smart you think you are, you are not smarter than a hacker who creates viruses. Many people think that your device gets malware-infected only by downloading suspicious files, running unpatched software, visiting sketchy websites, and doing other irresponsible things. Simply opening the site is enough to get your computer infected. 

Yes, Your computer could be infected just from just you visiting a website. You do not even have to download anything. 

A computer without antivirus software protection will be infected within minutes of connecting to the internet.

No human common sense can keep your computer un-attacked from malware. The reality is that you need quality antivirus software to stay 100% safe online. For as long as computers have been and will be in existence, whether connected to the Internet or not, there will always be a need for antivirus software.

The intrusion into your computer through a malicious program to gain access to your sensitive data (or) your network is known as vulnerability. Vulnerability or simply, a weak point in your computer or network becomes the access point to the hackers to conduct an efficient cyberattack.

Antivirus software is the foremost tool to prevent such intruder attacks. 

Not every cyberattack that occurs can be prevented with antivirus software. But Antivirus Software is an inevitable asset when it comes to cybersecurity.

Of course, it’s not about protecting the computers or devices, it’s about protecting your precious files, pictures, and other sensitive data that you never want to be exploited.

You can benefit way much from having an antivirus on your computer.

Would you leave your house door open? Wouldn’t it attract burglars into it? A computer without antivirus software is like a house with the door open.  An unprotected computer will start inviting all the malicious codes into the system. Your computer can never be protected without antivirus software since it is more vulnerable to cyberattacks. So, will you leave the door open for intruders?

The antivirus software will work as a detective and will look out for intruders on your computer defending them at the start point itself.

Everyone will need antivirus software because viruses keep evolving. Stopping the evolution of these viruses is hard. But there are ways to defend it.

The best way is to install battle-tested antivirus software.

Good antivirus software will ensure that your devices and the information in them are safe.

Why Do Businesses Need Premium AV and Not Free AV?

Would you lose your business in a single day carelessly or would you spend dollars on a good antivirus that protects your business data? 

Yes, that’s the answer.

Antivirus, being the terminal layer of network security layer components, takes responsibility in defending your network transacting customers’ data or your data. This gives you the extra layer of security to protect your devices and their data.

(Antivirus protection isn’t just a way to block computer viruses.)

Real-time detection and blocking of phishing emails and phishing sites are the most important factors for a good antivirus program.

To your information, modern-day viruses are created smartly which are often unrecognizable. We tend to click images, text files, or links that never seem suspicious and fall into the trap that has already been set up. These accidental clicks bring in the trouble that you never wished for.

This is how your system gets infected with malware.

You may have heard people say, “Spending on an antivirus program is a waste of money.” It’s money well-spent. If you knew how vulnerable your network is without an antivirus, you would buy it in an instant.

Entrepreneurs tend to believe that the built-in security features or free antivirus software packages can give them 100% security to their business data. This is never true. The only way to protect your data and secure your business is to use strong antivirus software programs.

Premium antivirus software packs for businesses provide more protection than free ones. Free antivirus software is practically powerless in protecting your business data.

If you want the best protection, pay for security software.

Why Not Free AV?

Almost all of us expect our browsing data to be safe without spending a dime. The companies that claim to offer the antivirus pack for free confuse people. No company would offer their premium product/features for free.

There are some good antivirus programs online but not for free. Not all antivirus programs are created equally. Most of them are poorly created with very few features. These kinds of antivirus packages leave us open to be cyber-attacked.

Free Antivirus can make your computer MORE VULNERABLE online.

Is Antivirus Software Necessary in 2021? (You Might Not Like the Answer)

Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac operating systems profess to have decent security protection built-in, 

So is an antivirus still necessary in 2021? 

Is getting third-party antivirus software necessary?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Though these operating systems pack together with their built-in security features, a reliable antivirus is still a must-have.

These modern operating systems come in with multiple end-points which the intruders can take advantage of. The more endpoints you have, the more opportunities you supply for attacks.

The Antivirus software is the security person at the endpoints preventing unwanted intruders from entering.

It’s smarter to prevent virus attacks before occurring than having to spend time and dollars repairing infected machines.

What will happen if you don’t install an Antivirus Program?

Whatever the term for it, the threats out there are still very real.

The main goal of the hacker is to inject the malware into your computer and to install the injected malware. The malware may be viruses, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, and all sorts of malicious codes that help the hacker to run the attack.

Antivirus Software is capable of withholding all the above-mentioned malware.

Any software that you might be using may be vulnerable to a zero-day attack. The Antivirus Software may not protect you from the zero-day attack but it will detect and quarantine that malware before it causes damage to your network. 

Antivirus software shouldn’t be the only layer of protection, But it definitely should be one of your layers of protection.

Antivirus software keeps you ahead in the game, forming a defence shield to your network. 

What does antivirus software help protect us from?

The beauty of malware for hackers is its ability to gain access to or damage a computer without our knowledge. It’s important to be aware of the many different types of malicious codes, or “malware,” against which antivirus software is designed to protect:

The beauty of cybercriminals is that their ability to conquer or destroy your computer without your knowledge. It is supremely important that we know a few things about malware.

Here is the malware you should be knowledgeable about:


A software that spies on your internet usage/activities is known as spyware. Spyware installs by itself on your computer and secretly monitors your browsing behaviour to gather sensitive information like your name, address, username, passwords, browsing habits, preferences, interests, and downloads.

The information gathered is relayed to the hacker to take advantage of.


A malware that deploys strong encryption to hold onto the victim’s data completely. The victim will not be able to access any of the encrypted data unless the decryption key is provided by the hacker. 

Ransomware is usually designed to spread over the entire network targeting the database and withhold the data for a ransom. The victim has to pay the demanded ransom to the hacker to regain access to their encrypted data. 

Ransomware attacks are in the news quite a bit in 2021. 


A malicious computer code that is programmed to spread and damage the network of computers is called a computer virus. The virus attaches itself to another legitimate program or document to execute its code. The virus has the potential to corrupt and destroys the complete network of devices


A malware that replicates itself spreading over the whole network is known as a computer worm. These worms don’t usually infect the files, but instead spreads over the network infecting all other devices connected in the network. The replicated worm will have the same potential to infect other computers in the same way as the original worm.

A minor difference between worms and viruses is that: A worm is a stand-alone program that replicates itself and runs in the background whereas a computer virus needs a host file to infect or replicate and cause damage to the network.


A Trojan aka Trojan horse is a malware that disguises itself as legitimate software that deceives you to install and execute it on your device. Trojan horses aid support to the hacker in damaging your computer or stealing sensitive data from your computer. Unlike viruses and worms, trojans cannot execute and replicate themselves. 

Someone has to manually execute a trojan to be activated. Once activated, Trojans gears up with the hacker and allows the hacker to gain back-door access to the infected computer.


A software program designed to bombard your computer screen with advertisements. This software constantly displays unwanted advertisements. Adware is quite harmless but it could cause you issues in the long run. Although Adware is typically created for computers, it can be found on mobile devices too. 

Adware uses your browsing history to shoot targeted ads over your screen. 


Unwanted, unsolicited digital junk messages that are being sent out in bulk via messages, email is called spam. These messages can be distributed through phone calls and social media as well. The main motive of spamming is to spread the malicious link via emails/text messages and make you click the infected links attached to the spam messages.


All the various malware placed above So to protect your devices from being malware-infected, you must need antivirus software. Realizing the severity of malware and the things it can do to your lives, choose the best antivirus software for your individual needs or organizational needs. DIMA Total Security powered with Threat-Intelligence offers you the defence protection from ransomware, adware, spyware, viruses, worms, trojan horses, spam.

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